A step by step guide to get your Upwork profile approved.

As the Upwork platform grows more popular, the upwork team is making it hard for new users to ensure the hiring of competent candidates. Lately, I’ve been getting an increasing number of requests from readers who are worried about their profiles rejection by Upwork team. Before we start make sure to keep 1 thing in mind that this strict policy of Upwork team is a good thing.
The steps I am going to share below are basically a trick to get your profile approved. Follow the steps below to get your profile approved for a good purpose and not for spamming the platform.

This will only work if your profile is once rejected.

  • Go to your Profile>> Settings

  • Enter your password for authentication

  • Answer your security question

  • On Settings page, Go to Contact Info tab from left menu

  • Change your Time Zone to +5:00 , Islamabad, Karachi (If its already set, leave it)

  • Click on Profile Settings from left menu

  • Set your Profile Visibility to Public

  • Change Search Engine Visibility to Show my full name

  • Select Project Preference to Both short-term and long-term Projects

  • Set Experience Level to Entry level

  • Under Categories remove all pre selected categories

  • Now choose the following categories

    In Web, Mobile & Software Development section

    • Mobile Development
    • Other, Software Development
  • Save Categories & Go to your Profile under Find Work in the top menu.

  • Edit your title & change it to Mobile Developer

  • Change your hourly rate to $20

  • Make sure to delete all your portfolios if you have any

  • Edit your skills & remove all the selected skills

  • Now add the following skills

    • iPhone App Development
    • Mobile UI Design
  • Click on save and confirm removal of your previously added skills.

  • Remove all Certifications & Employment History

  • Remove your Education & Other Experiences

  • On the right side change your Languages to English: Fluent

Now if you have followed all the steps mentioned above, Click on Resubmit Profile button on top of your profile page under Notice section and click OK in the confirmation popup.

Now visit any other page on your profile and then click on the Profile page again. I hope its approved now.

If it worked make sure to share it with your friends who are in worry and actually have some skills to do something on UPWORK.